Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Welcoming a new payment system

Now, we can start out new payment system via Credit Card to pay the monthly school fees and term fee payment. Making it easier for parents, especially the busy ones. Of cause we still accept cash and cheque, although we prefer cheque or credit card (cash is just scary =P). The receipt would only be given to parents after the transaction is complete and HQ gives me the green light.

Making it easier, these are the things you can pay with credit card:

1. Monthly School Fees
2. Books/Materials - Term fees
3. Supplementary Fees -Term fees
4. Transport Fees *not implemented yet*

For those who is curious about why the transport fees is not implemented yet? It is because when we get our own school bus *which I heard is coming soon - cross fingers*, the transport fees will be in our school system and there for we can charge it in the school fees system.

Anyway, for parents who are interested in the credit card you can get the form at the office.



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